A Cornucopia of Creativity

Today I want to let you know about a pretty cool package of creativity, spirituality, and health products — more than 125 e-books, MP3s, and videos — that’s on a huge sale for 72 hours (94% off).

I don’t recommend products often, but I love this collection! It’s packed with something (lots of somethings!) for everyone, including:

* more than 80 e-books

* more than a dozen audios

* more than 25 video workshops

* the gifts, teachings, and expertise of more than 120 women

* a package valued at over $1200 — but you pay only $67 during this sale (A 94% discount!)

This sale is only on for 72 hours, and you’ll get SO much value out of it. Previously released as the 30 Days of Goddess course, this is the last time this package will be available.

Click here for more information!

Below is just a small sampling of the goodies included in this package:

  • Become a Wild Donkey Rider: How to get projects ACTUALLY FINISHED! e-book
  • How to let go of financial worry and bless your life e-book
  • Unleash your creativity e-book
  • Strengthen your intuition e-book
  • How To Schedule Creative Time Into Your Day
  • Scheduling Creative Time Calendar Template
  • How to Work through difficult times e-book
  • Self-nourish and be more childlike e-book
  • Connect with your dream seed e-book
  • How to use your shadow muse for healing e-book
  • 10 Steps to A Perfect Day e-book
  • How to get out of stuck places video workshop
  • How to Create your very own art game e-book
  • How to care for yourself when self-employed e-book
  • 6 Keys to Unlocking Your Intuitive Voice e-book
  • 25 simple changes to heal your health e-book
  • Awakening Artistic Intuition with Inkblots video workshop
  • Get in touch with your inner voice e-book
  • Become your authentic self e-book
  • Workbook for Creating Abundance
  • Befriend Your Demons Workbook
  • How To Connect With Your Self, Spirit, Friends and the World In One Day e-book
  • How To Dance Through Your Day
  • Book of Believing and Freeing Fears ebook
  • Believing in You and Freeing Your Fears video workshop
  • It Is not Your Job to Build a Dam e-book
  • No Creative Dam MP3
  • How to Make Your Goals Sparkle e-book
  • How to Be a Happily Organized, Project Finishing Goddess e-book
  • How To Find Trust and Inspiration e-book
  • Tell Your Soul Story: Crafting Your Most Authentic Biography in 160 Characters or Less e-book
  • How to be a Social Media Goddess e-book
  • Mixed-Media Art Journaling for Fun and Frolics e-book
  • Creative Sparkle ARTsignment e-book
  • Creative Sparkle Gift Basket e-book
  • Bemused Playbook e-book
  • Take a Risk, Change Your Life Course e-book
  • Relaxed Week Planner e-book
  • Planting Your Idea Garden e-book
  • How Do Your Ideas Grow? e-book
  • Do One Thing & Anything Becomes Possible e-book
  • The Journalling Goddess e-book
  • Permission Granted – Say Yes To Your Vision e-book
  • Doodle Meditation e-book
  • Fighting for the Life You Want to Live e-book
  • 7 Ways to Have a Delicious Day MP3 & ebook
  • 5 Sense-ual Ways to Relieve Anxiety (video)
  • 5 Sense-ual Ways To Relieve Anxiety e-book
  • Inspirational Art flipbook
  • Finished is Better Than Perfect e-book
  • Doodle Time! workbook
  • How to create Pocket-Sized Books
  • My 7 Days of Creative Bursts Workbook

To get a full list and more information, click here!

It’s on sale (94% off) until 9:00 AM Friday morning Pacific Time, so check it out now if it interests you!

Note: The links above are affiliate links, meaning I get a little pocket money if you buy through them. Thanks!


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