Visual Inspiration—Photo Prompt #34

Let this image engage your muse. Write a paragraph, a short story, a poem, a memory, a journal entry…or whatever you feel inspired to create. And share your creations in the comments if you’d like!

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2 Responses to “Visual Inspiration—Photo Prompt #34”

  1. 1 Andrew Gills October 25, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    It’s been a while since I wrote any fiction. I’ve been too busy using up my word count earning a living. Here’s my creation from your image.
    The boys shivered as they painted their tags on the red brick wall. It had come to this – all those years of schooling and still there was no hope of a job. The best they could hope for was the near-anonymous notoriety of tagging local buildings.

    Life hadn’t been easy for Simon, Marcus and James. They had grown up isolated in the Canadian wilderness where the towns were hundreds of miles apart and the schools were often cut-off during the long winter months. Farming was a dying business as the banks reclaimed properties and sold them to the big companies. Local boys who once dreamed of herding cattle and farming crop found themselves competing with cheap foreign labour for the only jobs they knew how to do. Things were so bad that even the bars were closing for lack of income.

    “I found a bottle of rum. What will you do to get some?” Simon always seemed to know how to get the other boys’ attention.

    “Where is it?” Marcus responded warily knowing Simon was prone to lying.

    “Right here bro.” Simon whipped a small flask from his coat pocket. “It’ll cost you.”

    Marcus and James lunged forward to grab the drink from Simon’s gloved hand. But Simon was too quick and he skipped away out of reach.

    “You gotta finish the tag above the round window first.” Simon dared his friends.

    “You’re on. Give me a hand fellas.” Marcus grinned. “I’m bored with this shit anyway. Let’s leave a mark where no-one will clean it until the thaw.”

    The boys circled the building, looking for any way to reach the roof. Eventually they tore leafless branches from an old tree and stacked them against the side of the building. With all their strength, Simon and James boosted Marcus’ tall body skywards.

    “Yeah! Got it!” Marcus called out as he scrabbled onto the steep pitched roof. “You better not drink that rum while I’m up here boys.”

    Marcus scrambled up the steep side of the roof, swearing every time his feet slipped.

    “Oh yeah baby!” James called out in delight as Marcus swung his leg over the roof’s ridge. “Go earn that rum man.”

    Marcus slide along the ridge of the roof, edging closer to the building’s front wall. Carefully, he shifted his weight, laying his body flat and reaching down to make his mark. The sound of spray paint hissed from the can as Marcus sprayed his white “MC” tag on the red bricks.

    “C’mon man! Make it bigger!” jeered James.

    Grinning, Marcus reached further down the wall of the building.

    The thud filled the winter air like a cannon-shot. Warm red blood mixed with mud as the snow beneath Marcus’s body started to melt.

    • 2 stranglingmymuse October 26, 2011 at 1:06 pm

      Nice! I love the image at the end of the red blood, mud and melting snow. Thanks for sharing this, Andrew!


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