Visual Inspiration—Photo Prompt #18

Let this image engage your muse. Write a paragraph, a short story, a poem, a memory, a journal entry…or whatever you feel inspired to create. And share your creations in the comments if you’d like!


3 Responses to “Visual Inspiration—Photo Prompt #18”

  1. 1 herby November 4, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    The strong sea wind blew into the cave as Dave and Melanie prepared for the journey. They let the wind blow through their hair. Their loose clothing billowed like sails around their athletic bodies. They would need their connection with the elements if the journey was to be a success and they knew the strong wind would help them find their way.

    As they swayed to the breeze, Dave nodded to Roger.

    ‘You can start playing mate,’ Dave said.

    Without a word, Roger picked up his drum and started to beat out a rhythm. It was the rhythm of the earth. A rhythm that Roger knew Dave and Melanie would feel with their spirits. Roger had played the rhythm before and he knew he needed to maintain it for the duration of the healing because Simon’s life would depend on it.

    Simon lay on the floor. His feeble body covered in sweat as the infection wracked his bones. When he went into hospital for a minor procedure no-one could have guessed that he would get an infection in the bones of his left leg or that the infection would reduce him to this.

    Modern medicine wasn’t helping the infection so Simon’s brother had sought out Dave and Melanie who were famous shaman healers working in the seaside town. Dave and Melanie had organised for Simon to be brought here to this cave by the sea. They cave was said to have mystical powers that Dave and Melanie could tap into.

    As Roger beat the rhythm on his drum, Dave and Melanie slipped into the trance-like states they needed to perform the healing. They swayed to the rhythm of the wind and drum. Slowly they moved towards Simon, laying their hands on his prone body. Dave rocked back and forth at Simon’s head and Melanie did the same by Simon’s leg.

    Time seemed to stand still as the drum’s rhythm guided Dave and Melanie away into their non-ordinary consciousness. Their bodies remained in the cave by Simon’s side but their spirits seemed distant and time waited for their return.

    No-one will ever know how it happened but suddenly Dave let our a beastly howl and Melanie cried the scream of a woman possessed. And then it was over. Dave and Melanie collapsed in small exhausted heaps by Simon’s side. Simon drifted off to sleep.

    Roger continued his rhythmic drumming until the time was right. Then, he changed his tune. He sped up and increased his volume before beating five strong accented beats. On hearing these beats, the three spent bodies came back to life.

    ‘The damaged spirits have been removed,’ announced Dave, ‘how do you feel, Simon?’

    ‘Tired,’ Simon replied.

    ‘That’s good. It means it will work,’ said Dave.

    Simon smiled. He was no longer sweating.

    ‘Take him back to his hotel and call me in the morning to let me know how he is,’ Dave said to Roger.

    The next morning, Dave’s mobile phone rang.

    ‘Hi Dave, it’s Roger. Simon’s up and walking. He seems to be okay again.’

    ‘I knew it would work. Make sure he drinks plenty of water and takes it easy for a day or two. He needs to meditate for fifteen minutes twice a day and to go to the ocean to give thanks to the sea,’ instructed Dave.

    ‘No worries mate.’

  2. 3 Close admirer November 7, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    Wow, the photo did inspire you!

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