Get Whimsical! Or Reflective…

One of the regular readers of this blog pointed me toward the journaling exercise below (thanks, Kablooey!).

I can see many uses for these prompts:

* to use as a journal and reflect on your life…

* to go inside the head of a character in your current novel or story and gain some insight into his or her world…

* to have some fun with creative whimsy (my choice for today)…

* to use creatively in whatever way resonates with you…

As always, I’d love to see any responses you want to share in the comments!

Outside my window…the fog has turned into 20 dancing giraffes who are putting on a Broadway show for me.
I am thinking…about whether I’d rather have wings or wheels.
I am thankful for…aardvarks.
From the kitchen…the cinnamon and the butter are having a passionate affair.
I am wearing…my brain on my sleeve.
I am creating…a guest house in my mind out of gorgeous, unrealistic ideas.
I am going…to dance on the beach until the waves applaud me.
I am reading…the extravagant body language of the bent fork that’s trying to seduce one of my spoons.
I am hoping…my new wings don’t fall off when I fly into my dreams tonight.
I am hearing…ideas chattering outside my door like excited giraffes auditioning for a play.
Around the house…I have folded scientific evidence and foggy memories into every drawer.
One of my favorite things…curious elephants peeking into my windows on Sunday mornings.
A few plans for the rest of the week: thinking about giraffes, wrestling with foggy memories, waving at stars, dancing with my brain, breathing…

(journaling exercise from The Simple Woman’s Daybook via Creating Balance: My Rich Life)

Copyright © Sandy Ackers, Strangling My Muse: Struggling to Live a Creative Life in a Stressful World,

4 Responses to “Get Whimsical! Or Reflective…”

  1. 1 Diana August 21, 2010 at 8:23 am

    I love the variety of ideas for this, more than had occurred to me:-) And thank you for the mention Sandy!

  2. 3 Misha August 23, 2010 at 5:27 am

    let’s see what I can come up with when dealing with sleep depravation…

    Outside my window… time is carrying on without me.
    I am thinking… about how people find my ability to read people facinating when they could just do it themself if they paid attention.
    I am thankful for… the ability to understand people better than they think and sometimes better than they understand themselves.
    From the kitchen… I hear the scratching of a hungry hamster.
    I am wearing a… somewhat dark and moody facial expression, accesorized by blue bags under my eyes.
    I am creating… ways to stay awake until eight o’clock tonight.
    I am going… to spend the rest of my day debating with myself as becomes any self-respecting creator of voices.
    I am reading… people as they hurry past my window.
    I am hoping… that the friend that brought my talent for people-grasping took away something from the conversation that kept me from my studies.
    I am hearing… self congratulation at the fact that I might still get a distinction on five hours worth of studying.
    Around the house… I see physical proof that my mind is only marginally more cluttered than my room.
    One of my favourite things… is the fact that I wrote 8765 words in one eight hour session.
    A few plans for the week: recover from six hour long deep soul searching conversation with flatmate, recover from after effects of writing more than a thousand words an hour, try to figure out how the &%#$ I wrote over a thousand words an hour (yes, I counted the words.), try to write again and… sleeeeeeep….

    • 4 stranglingmymuse August 24, 2010 at 11:42 pm

      Misha, I love this! You’ve used this series of prompts to paint a picture of yourself, your surroundings and your current state of mind very effectively and vividly!

      Thanks so much for sharing this. And congratulations on all the writing!


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